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Level of detail in your anime?


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On 5/18/2020 at 5:50 PM, OtakuKid said:

Do you like those really extreme, fine, highly detailed ones? Or those ones where it’s basically kawaii?

I'll be frank on this topic even though it often offends someone...I feel style is only a micro -level problem of what went wrong with anime after 1998. Japan's economy started to dip in the late-90's and the quality never recovered, in my opinion. The golden era years of anime had style in the West because Japan was only sending their best over (mostly). After 2005...Otaku culture, moe, and loli started to become the demand and Japan started not only producing mass amounts of that type of anime, but, they just started sending everything to the West. Many say, "Well, it's better now because we have more variety." More variety, yes. Better quality, no. The characters and stories are proxy and CG-rendering has taken away the human feel of hand-painted cels and backgrounds. It seems anime culture today is catered 90% to fan service, repetitious stories, and otaku-culture. Compare the work put into titles like: Perfect Blue, Megazone 23, and anything Kawajiri to the "art styles" of the last 22-years and you'll see that anime really went downhill. This is opinion, so, take it with a grain of salt. I'm not here to demonize all modern anime. The same way people don't care for "gritty, violent, extreme 80's/90's anime style," I don't care for loli, moe, proxy anime from the past 2 decades. 

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