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I'm CatSoul, as I've been referred to on MAL for years. (Some who know me on Discord have also referred to me as "Bananya".) My taste is perhaps a little unusual not just because of the abundance of furry anime in my favorites, but my main goal when searching for anime is just looking for something entertaining. 

I was really active on forums in elementary/middle school, but fell out of it as a lot of the ones I was on died (and the majority of the Internet went from a lot of small forums to a couple of big places). I also somehow got 6,000+ posts on the MAL forums, the majority of which I cannot remember. However, I do think that forums in general deserve more love and hope to spend a lot of time on here.

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello CatSoul! The community welcomes you. And since you’ve already done forums, you probably won’t have any problem finding your way around! 

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