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Does anyone here know Slave Warrior Maya?


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Hi, just testing the waters here to see how popular this forum really is

but I would really hate leaving my post without replies for days

if nobody knows this short lived anime.

I want anime fans to  be aware of the shows I discovered

so one day they'll expect future projects from me

based on the shows I talked about here and since

some of these shows might be too taboo for the family friendly community out there,

Im also working on a clean cut/edited version where adult anime shows can be

easy and safe to watch without worrying the taboo parts lol.


Anyways, I want to get down to the anime I wanted

to discuss and show off screenshots here if nobody minds! :D 


Adult anime are not my favorite type of shows

but they have a very interesting lore that could have 

made them more famous or a potential future

if the writers concerned the family audience instead of targeting adults back then.


To some people especially Americans who might have seen this before

and thought it was just a 90's series but I can bet that many English viewers

might not be aware of the fact this show once started life as a 4 volume

comic series in the late 80's!


Since the original comics was never released here in English,

nobody knows at least the American fans won't have any idea

how the original story turned out because the anime adaption itself

was a very poor adaptation! it's a Horrible shame for this story that could have seen

better success if not for the unnecessary nasty content that made Maya known infamous for

and the likely reason why it was quickly forgotten after the 2 episode anime and the 4 comics. :( 



Maya is 18 years old who got tricked by a mysterious fortune teller, he tricked her into looking

at the crystal ball that fool people thinking he's an ordinary fortune teller but "UNFORTUNATELY" (pun lol)

he's not and now she end up in another planet probably a lot of people don't know about!


Maya is like a combination between She-Ra and Prince Adam

where she starts out as a plain and simple young woman

who might be still in her late school years or just in time

ready for graduate, she eventually becomes the "Most powerful woman in  the universe" (another pun lmao)

when she finds that mysterious sword she pulled out after getting herself sucked in by a magical portal

inside the bad guy's castle, beats me why in the heck would it be locked inside

awaiting for the hero while she was held prisoner there? This is one of those scenes that will

continue to confuse us for years to come! since we won't know anyway lol.


Here some screenshots of Maya's cool transformation! Does her look scream out She-Ra or He-Man to

all of us fans here? lol. :D 



But Maya is not the only character in the show, of course! Here the others below I want to introduce to the community

of today's anime era of the most forgotten adult anime characters in the 80's comic and the 90's anime adaption!:D 


Heckle and Jaeckle are named after 2 very old cartoon characters Heckle and Jeckle better known in the West long time ago.

Heckle and Jaeckle are not birds but frog-looking folks who acted like couple of perverts working for the evil slave king

at first until after they sold Maya for 5 million, she was later taken hostage inside the castle and they rescued her,

eventually becoming her helpful partners but not very long when when they somehow got lost

in the woods and she was taken again. They're not much of a fighter but least one appeared to be armed with a axe.



Leyna, one of my favorites! <3 

She works inside the castle of the bad guys where she constantly cook to fed slaves held in the castle,

she becomes fast friends with Maya and even has the key to escape! But they didn't make it (TOO BAD! game over lmao)

Not much is known about her other than working for the villains even if she has no evil intentions, she does appear

to be likely another slave sold to them but instead cooking and not tied up in chains or torture chairs lmao. 

In the comic, she stayed in the castle while Maya successfully escaped.



I don't know her name, she always appear very short and briefly through the episodes, where she seem to act as a spy!

What is her background story and how in the hell does she know Maya prior to the current events?


The mysterious fortune teller! Nothing else known about him other than the fact that Heckle calls those people sorcerers, they pick up people from Earth and teleport them to the mysterious planet possibly working for the evil king to bring down more slaves from Earth to sell!


I don't know his name but doesn't look like Marth or Ike? He is also searching for Maya for whatever reason. He doesn't seem to be evil and more likely from Earth or another planet! Again, its a mystery how he knows Maya prior to the current event!


"Roys our boys!" lmao XD


Below are some of the unknown bad guys! More pics to come later!





About the anime, this was only released in adult stores on VHS and DVD, a very rare thing to find across Texas unless you live in rich areas like maybe California or Florida but Im not sure about New York or Washington since I never been to those states. 

I censored the box in case the community is sensitive about adult content here and I understand that.

This is called Cool Devices, it was out during late 90's and only dubbed in America,

it was officially banned in Canada which means nobody knows or even aware of Maya there!

Canada has this very weird thing about banning adult content anime or adult shows

which makes me wonder how Canadians manage to live without hentai or adult videos there, guess its a sexual free society there

or the fact maybe most Canadians are asexual? Or maybe adult anime was banned there to avoid confusion children for cartoons?

Who knows the laws of Canada there lol.  The VHS version includes 2 episodes and 1 episode of the famous Kite! This short

would be the first of the Kite series and it later gets its own full length anime movie few years, making it the most popular short

of the Cool Devices! The others went long forgotten and down to obscurity with only few of the other Cool Device stories

getting their own comics or anime.  


Here some covers of the original comics that never saw release outside Japan!

I think they were released around 1989 or 1988? The comics are very hard to find

as only few of them can be found online on ebay but they're fairly common

on Yahoo Japan auctions.





One more thing, is a screenshot of the sword! Looks like the Falcion from the popular Fire Emblem games does it? lol. :D



Thats all for now but look forward to more Maya posts in the near future from me!


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