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1st Page of The Ruthisian Codex

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I've finally gotten started on writing The Ruthisian Codex and have completed a few pages. The book is about a woman who lives a pretty simple life until children begin to go missing & she discovers that she has special abilities that tie into an Ancient Egyptian religion that involved a book called The Ruthisian Codex. I haven't nailed down exactly what her abilities will be yet or which Ancient Egyptian deities will be involved just yet but that is the basic overview of the story. I've placed the 1st page below & would like your feedback. A few things to note here first: this is my very 1st book so I'm learning as I go & please do not steal my work. That last part should go without saying but you just never know. Thank you. 


     The sounds of electric guitars & the smell of freshly prepared food traded places through the open windows with the sounds of heavy traffic & the almost overbearing heat. “Another day of lugging around orders while trying not to spontaneously combust. Awesome.” Phia muttered to herself as she dabbed sweat from her forehead & sprinkled some fresh dill over the spicy lemon tilapia for her last lunch rush order. The heat was annoying but deep down, Phia didn’t really mind all that much. Hell, this was busiest The Elusive Café had been in months & she was thrilled to have the business. She just would have been more thrilled if this turn of fortune wasn’t accompanied by the worst heat wave to hit the city in decades.

     Fortunately, all these lunch rush orders were being delivered to the business complex right down the street so at least she didn’t have far to go. Not to mention that most of the orders were for salads & cold sandwiches. Only a few orders were for hot food or baked desserts, which meant that the cart would be fairly light. She even remembered to place the chips & drinks at the bottom of the cart so she wouldn’t waltz out the door without them…again. As embarrassing as that was the last time that happened, today was much too hot for it. Besides, starting her own catering business had been a life-long goal of hers & Phia was well aware that too many silly mistakes like forgetting drinks could cost her big time so she had to pay attention.

     As she sang along to one of her favorite rock songs on the radio, an emergency message interrupted to announce yet another child had been reported missing. “Geez, how many does that make now, six?” Phia sighed as she closed the take-away container & clenched her fists. “What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on the monster snatching up these kids.” Just then a gust of hot air rushed into the window beside her as a strange sensation made its way down her spine. She didn’t know it yet, but her wish would soon be granted.


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