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Say What you Want


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Title: Say What you Want


I said you could drown if you wanted to, 

drown in my love, I don't got a clue, 

say what you want, but please, 

please don't forget the view. 


Oh yes I cried when you walked right out the room,

and I tried but its just too much to sweep, with just one broom. 

So say what you want, I don't got a clue, 

I don't understand what you're meaning to, 

do to me, I can see, who you are, who you'll be,

and I know you'll be with me, 

as I'm with you...


So say what you want, I don't got a clue,

drown in my love, yes I'm beggin' you, 

soar like a dove if you're meaning to, 

but I know who you will be, 

and you'll end up with me,

you sweet thing you, yeah, its true, 

you'll end up with me, 

come on, you know it too, 

you'll end up... with me.



Sunflower on SoftBank 2014Love you guys, hope you enjoyed this cute little poem! Sunflower on SoftBank 2014


I was Thinking it would sound really good as a song sung is kind of a folk-song way, I would love to sing it sometime but I am not a very good singer; if I practice maybe I can do it someday, gotta learn how to play guitar too as I think it'd sound better on Guitar than piano (my current instrument of my choice). 


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