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Shojo Ai Anime (NO YURI)



Good evening.

I'm looking for some fluffy and soft shojo ai anime meaning no sexual content please. It'd be cool if the anime had a well developed storyline as well as characters. I'm also down for the romance part to be only a sideplot or just subtly hinted at and having cool action/ adventure features. 

And if I'm not picky enough, it'd be great if the female protgonists didn't have their typical assigned ,,roles,, in the relationship aka the male and the female type. 

Thanks for all recommendations beforehand👍

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3 hours ago, Omega-Sama said:

You are extremely very picky! ;)

try inu x boku ss (It has multiple names might be hard to find)

Crunchy has it as "Inu x Boku Secret Service".  There's also the MAL page for more info.

Would something like Hiiro no Kakera be like what the OP is looking for?

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