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For all amateur and new AMV editors


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For the AMV editors and or amateur creators!

I have a message for all of you.


Just like you, I also started making AMVs once (almost 10 years ago now), 

and just like some of you now, I was embarrassed about them, as they were poorly made and the video quality was terrible.

Here's one of my first ever made AMVs.

https://video.wixstatic.com/video/a27d24_7b2b7cdb575049ba80b5db0cb28a370d/144p/mp4/file.mp4 ⚠ (Not on YouTube)


And so I continued making them, even when  people told me to go 'kill myself', and that I could never be a 'good AMV maker', 

I just kept on making them, for the simple fact that I love what I make.

But my resolve started to changed after this.

I completely ignored traditional AMV making 'rules' from that moment on and focused only on what I like, instead of making what people want to see.

You might think that this is a contradiction but believe me it is worth it.

It's a fact that YouTube forces you to make (what viewers want), but If you differentiate yourself from other creators and build up your own niche, well... this changes everything.

Creating your a unique niche gives you the freedom and community you wanted, as the people that watch your videos are conscious that it's not just another AMV channel, but rather unique content that they can't find anywhere else.


This video gives you a more complete explanation of the 'niche content'.

In my case it was the music that I use that differentiated me as a creator, 

as I used and still use music genres that are never or mostly never used by other AMV makers ex (Hardcore, Hardstyle and others sub-genres).

Other advice's I would like to give you are:

  • Branding your channel.

Having a consistent brand / Logo on all your content

This video will explain you why.


  • Try to collaborate more with DJ's.

Why DJ's?, well don't forget that as an AMV editor most of the content you post YOU DON'T OWN IT,  the anime studio(s) owns the video and the music studio(s) owns the song(s).

And if you collaborate and or ask for permission from the DJ / music artist, most likely he will let you use one or all of his songs, go for a small music artist, this will increase your chances of him letting you use his songs. (it works in his favor too as you are exposing that artist).

  • Create a website for your video content.

Why?, well if you want to wait for the 'youtube partner program' to pay you, you will have to wait for a while (you need 1000 subs, and 4000 watch-time hours in one year) to be able to apply for this program, and even when you do apply for this, the money you get from YouTube is miserable. (YouTube CPM calculator)

But if you create a dedicated website you can also get some money from advertising, one of them is (google AdSense).

  • Create a cross platform 'social network'.


This video will 'in depth' explain what a 'social network' is and how to build it.

In any case I hope this info will help you in the future, and I wish you the best with your AMV creations.


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