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Formats / bit rates / resolutions (and others)

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Question for the AMV / Video editors.


What formats / bit rates / resolutions (and others), do you generally use during the your AMV making process?

I always start by converting the RAW Blue-Ray rip (they come usually in mkv format) into a (almost like RAW) MP4 file usually (1080-59p, the bit-rate always a bit higher than the original file around the 20Mbps) but always (CBR) constant bit-rate), I have to do this if I want to use it in Vegas.

But 99% of the time I disable the anime's soundtrack while converting it.

The music comes directly from an mp4 file that (*YTD Video Downloader) provide's me from YT. (*application to download YouTube Videos'). After I apply the edits on the video I try to directly render it to a mp4 format (1080 59p 20Mbps *HQ CBR), this using the GPU encoding acceleration of my GTX960.

BUT SOMETIMES things go wrong and I get constant crashes during rendering, the crashes happen in a variety of ways, to turn around this 'Vegas specialty to make you go mad',

I start of by disabling all video tracks except the one that is giving me troubles and make a pre-rendered version of the spot(s) that has(have) the constant crash, this in (AVC original resolution, same bit-rate same frames) and later replace the originals with these new renders, this works 90% of the time and saves my behind.

Also sometime I have to completely disable GPU acceleration, in combination with some plug-in's in some specific cases you have no other choice then to disable some of them. Any Ideas? Feedback? Opinions? Let met know 😉👍

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