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(UPDATE) Is ANIME dying? 😱


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The videos below will give you a general idea of the current state of censorship in Anime and Manga.



Japan AFRAID of Amazon's Manga and Light Novel BOOK BANNING!

The "War on Anime" continues! Amazon is pulling down even more Light Novels and Manga. Japanese creators and otaku take to Twitter to voice concerns about the "politically correct" West attempting to censor Japanese art.



Amazon Begins Banning Anime Without Telling Publishers WHY

Article Referenced:





Shutdown of KissAnime and KissManga!

Also, Sony is planning a big push into Anime..



Sony Continues ABSURD Double Standard With Censorship




Japanese creators want western puritans BANNED from anime! Fear they will RUIN creativity!

Several anime and manga creators are concerned for the future of their medium in Japan. They are pushing back on western regulation!

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Censorship is nothing new.  Anyone who thinks so hasn't been paying attention.  Most censorship processes are done because of subtle differences between rating systems between national distribution.  The U.S. has some of the most rigid guidelines that exist, whereas other countries are much more fluid and flexible.  Case in point: the original JP release of Tales of Berseria would have put the game as being Rated M because it showed "just a few too many gorings."  That extremely limited the reach of the game, if Namco/Bandai opted to leave it.

So instead, they opted to censor parts of the game in the North America release so it would retain it's T rating thus maintaining the series reach.

It's not always because "big brudder wants control" or some Orwellian stuff like that.  Sometimes it's a business decision - that has plenty of logic, reason, and confirmed research behind it.

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Dying? No, though we may be headed for another shake up like back in the late 90’s/early 2000s. As someone who has been watching anime in some format or another for approximately 40 years, I see nothing on the horizon to make me think otherwise.


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