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(spoiler!) The latest God of highschool triggered me :(

Big Boar

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Spoiler alert!


Jin's grandpa says "there is nothing better than friends" yet here I am have no friends, and afraid of personal contact with people because I feel inferior to others and feel despicable to their presence. I'm a member of an online game guild Facebook group and it's very rare for me to talk to the group, they probably think I'm weird. I just pretend I'm cheerful and calm with other people but deep inside I'm sort of panicking. Right now I'm enjoying my life improving my self on manga illustrations. I don't like drawing other artist's anime character, I like creating my own characters.IMG_20200826_105926_BURST1.thumb.jpg.930e561d9f606b26063a92f199c0e547.jpg




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  • XII360 changed the title to (spoiler!) The latest God of highschool triggered me :(

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