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Hi y'all! You can call me Imaginary!

I've been a life long anime fan having  Dragonball Z as my first ever anime. I'm quite a big One Piece fan. Caught up in manga but not in the anime... Still on Cake Island there. I'm currently revisiting a lot of anime-esque games that I've  played in my childhood like Persona 4(Golden on Steam) and Disgaea(1 complete on the switch). Anyways inspired by Geoff Thieu of Mother's Basement, I've decided to start making my own analysis type videos. I'm no where near great with the writing or orating just yet but they are all skills that I'm practicing at home to hopefully make better anime/ game/ pop culture analysis content. Below is the first video of it's kind that I made and even though it took a long time to make, I really enjoyed myself throughout the entire process. If there's anything you think I can do to make a better video please let me know. Also yes I understand that my idea bounces around never fully landing on one and that's another thing I'm trying to fix.

And I would love someone to talk to about with current videos and topics that I am making. You know like is there any information that I'm missing and all that. Anyways I'm excited to be a part of this community. Love y'all! Thanks!




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8 hours ago, RuthisianCodex said:

Welcome to AF. Hope you get to make some new friends here. 

Thank you! I hope so too. It's honestly my first time being on any forums such as this site and I'm kinda lost on what I can do or talk about but I guess that's part of the discovery process. Hope to see you around sometime in one of these discussion pages. :)

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