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Izuki Shun

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Not sure if I can help here.  I tried Suzuka way back when but after after reading the manga the anime was something of a letdown.  The only other ones I can remember watching all the way through were Baby Steps and Area no Kishi.  Both were passable, but not really interesting enough to encourage in me an interest in the genre.  YMMV.  AnK is probably the better of the latter two.

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On 1/26/2022 at 5:42 AM, Kreideprinz said:

Run with the Wind is my current favorite. 

yes!!! I think it’s very realistic compared to a lot of Sports Anime that I’ve seen so far and I’ve seen quite a few. It gives off a mature vibe as well since it’s a Sports anime with characters in their young adult stage of life. Have you seen Diamond no Ace or Yowamushi Pedal perhaps? I think those are worth to give a try. Although they’re kind of long.

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16 hours ago, Kreideprinz said:

Thank you, yes! I feel like Run with the Wind is incredibly underrated. One of the primary things I love about the anime is that the cast is indeed outside the standard age circle. It was interesting to see age, paired with various types of lifestyles, come together in terms of physical/health abilities. 🙂

I actually have Ace of Diamond on my list of anime to watch. It does look super intriguing, will definitely check it out. Enjoyed Yowamushi Pedal too, it's also one of my favorites! Good taste. 😁 

The Sports genre is always fun, never get tired of it. Another mature and surprisingly grounded show is Salaryman's Club. It does anatomical articulation really well. The characters have age brackets between early 20's to mid 30's, which is also a nice perspective in the storytelling. I'm curious to see if the tone holds up because the anime is pretty new. Hopefully it does well! 

wah! Yaaaaas!!!! There was a character who was actually torn about joining job fairs and joining the runs and I kinda was intrigued of how it will unfold. It really has a mature tackle and I can relate more to it since I am in that point in life too. Hihi. 

Thanks for the compliment ☺️ I haven’t seen the latest season of the Yowamushi no Pedal though because I have this tendency of putting on hold animes that really catches my attention and I can’t get over the fact of not seeing more after finishing the latest season 😂🤣

Oooh, I have to check out Salaryman’s Club! Thanks for the recommendation! 😳

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