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1 hour ago, EnviousEnvy said:

which games coming for the next gen (and some current gen) consoles are you most excited for? 

For me personally it would have to be FF16, Fable, God of War, Horizon Forbidden West and Hogwarts Legacy!

ghost of tsushima co-op DLC, hands down the most awaited DLC im waiting for >.>

i specified the DLC, couse im waiting for the DLC to arrive first, before i attempt to even buy it

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I wouldn't buy Hogwarts Legacy unless the terf known at J.K. Rowling had a gun to my head, and then I'd return it as soon as she's not around anymore. That said, I might get it used so she doesn't get any of my money.

As for anything else, I'd say FFXVI, Spider-Man: Miles Morales,, Scarlet Nexus, Cris Tales, which I'm counting because it comes out after the next gen consoles do, Astro's Playroom, Demon's Souls, Immortals: Feynx Rising, God of War Ragnarok, The Medium and Resident Evil: Village/8. Also, not technically next gen, but Monster Hunter Stories 2 is pretty high up there.  

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hmmm.. not really into the latest and greatest.  Everything is always so hyped up and over-promised.  It is hard for me to get interested in the typical pre-release rumour-mongering over cut-scenes in release trailers.  Do we even have a real, definite list of what titles are going to be out for the new PS and Xbox systems at release yet?  My modus operandi is to wait until the titles are out and available (no pre-release waiting lists for me), the reviews hit the news, and the first few inevitable bug-fix patches are released, then decide it anything still looks worth it.   Also, while I've owned quite a lot of Nintendo bits over the years the Wii is now obsolete and I never got around to buying a switch.  I'm definitely not a fan of either Sony or MSFT either.  Guess I'm not really into the console thing any more.

All that said I am quite looking forward to seeing how Kerbal Space Program 2 turns out, though last I heard that's been pushed back and won't be out until next year.  :(  (And now that Take-Two owns it it is liable to be a very different game from KSP1 besides.)  For now.. nothing really.  Anyway, I just bought Empyrion (kind of an SF-themed minecraft) on steam a couple months ago and I've barely even had a chance to play that!  The last thing I need is another title to waste spend time on.

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