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Sudden Realization Questions

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Note: Some of the content like most of the content may contain spoilers, you have been warned.

The question that I realized is:

In "Darling in the Franxx" in episode 24 when Nana and Hachi were on the hill Hachi mentioned that


they don't get any older and that's just it, that is when this question struck me. If Nana and Hachi never get older then does that mean that they were still around when Hiro and Zero-two were reincarnated at the end of the episode?

I tried to add the things to cover up the spoilers but I don't know how.

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added spoiler, to add spoilers, simply do [spoiler] <context> [/ spoiler]
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11 minutes ago, Kirito.Yuuki said:

is that the reason why it wasn't working? I was using <spoiler></spoiler>, so I need to use [ ] instead? And for context do I add the <> or </>?

pretty much, just do

[ spoiler ]this is spoilered [ / spoiler ] (no spacebars)

which will become

this is spoilered

you dont need to add the <>'s, brackets is the important one

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Question #2:

If in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, the Kabane are basically zombie then doesn't that mean they're dead so their telomeres stopped functioning, so the question is then if the Kabaneri are people with dead bodies but human minds then does that mean that the Kabaneri are immortal since a dead person doesn't get any older?

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Not really a realization but just a question:

Who do you think would win in a fight Sakamaki Izayoi from Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? or Takuma Sakamoto aka Diablo from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord?

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Has anyone realized the different characters in By the Grace of the Gods?


Guild Master sounds like Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord

Former Duke sounds like Alastor; Flame of Heaven from Shakugan no Shana

Guild receptionist sounds like Maya Yamada from IS: Infinite Stratos

Miya sounds like Tsugumi from Guilty Crown

and others I have yet to ID.

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How many people think that Iroh is the best uncle and feel sorry for him when he was singing for his son's birthday? I know that for sure I did feel sorry for him, I don't usually cry EVER but I almost shed a tear for him. By the way I am talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The video is from The youtube channel of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Has anyone realized that if you keep rewinding episode 2 of Lord Marksman and Vanadis,

around the time where he shoots the guy and catches the arrow before it hits tita,

then it starts to sound like music?

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      I haven't read the manga so no spoilers there please, but I was so shocked over the reveal! The anime really doesn't hold back on what it means to be a carnivor or a herbivor and it's just so sad and emotional and I have no idea what to really feel of what every character is going through! You really do feel for everyone!
      I wasn't sure if I was allowed spoilers in the first post so I tried to be vague even if this seem to be a spoiler corner for currently airing animes o.o Can you tell I'm new XD? 
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      So, if you've been watching Aggretsuko, you can probably recognise how relatable it is. The characters are all a part of this adult 9-5 ecosystem. I can't help but root for Retsuko and her quest to find happiness and fulfillment in her life.
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      I just can't help but feel like Retsuko doesn't want that. Or maybe she does? She's turned him down twice. Inui was totally into him, and it can only be assumed Haida was interested to some degree. I love that Inui had grace in finding out his heart wasn't in it. But where does that leave Haida and Retsuko? He basically forced himself in at the end of the season there. I'll give him points for the confidence, but Retsuko literally told him she wasn't okay and didn't feel safe.
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      Has anyone seen this?
      I enjoyed it as a concept but I found the MC a bit of a letdown. I understand she acted her age-- willing to lose her sense of self over a boy she liked. But it wasn't relatable in any way. The way she was up in his face at school was obnoxious. He could have been polite about letting her down. But instead he just bullies her more. And likewise she was unwilling to take a hint. These characters have zero chemistry.
      The ending was terrible. I don't think it sent a healthy message.
      There was opportunity for so much more depth and sympathy for the characters, but it just wasn't working for me. So I found it disappointing. 
      What did you guys think?
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