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An Introduction

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Hello everyone i have joined this site a few months ago but never got to properly introduce myself. I was inspired to join this site after watching a few anime youtubers and trying to get back into watching anime.

Usually i would watch anime on Youtube or Kissanime for example, And i still watch anime on those sites however i have not taken the plunge and started to watch most anime on Crunchyroll. I may watch stuff on CR sooner or later.

Something about me is i like video games mostly JRPGS, Platformers, FPS etc. I love listening to music while i write, Some genres i like to listen to is Punk, Death Metal, Old School Hip Hop. Certain genres of anime i mostly watch like Action, Comedy, Horror and sometimes Slice Of Life.

I love to write short stories and i am currently trying to write a novella, I also like watching movies with some of my favorite being Horror, Kung Fu, and Comedy. And i guess if you want to know more about me you can ask my question via here or in a private Message.


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