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Favorite Anime Games

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I wonder, what's everyone's favorite anime, or even anime style games? I've been playing Genshin Impact, The Legend of Heroes and Sword Art Online games almost exclusively for the last month, and I just wanted to know what what kind of games do all play when you have that anime itch? For that matter, why not take some photo's of your favorite anime games, I love seeing people's collections or even just their favorites. Let's talk some anime style games for once. Don't see a lot of that around here.

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Um kinda basic, BUT I play Dbxv2(Dragon ball Xenoverse 2), DBFZ (Dragon ball FighterZ), MHOJ1 and 2 (My hero ones justice one and two). I just got the sequel to prob my 3rd fav game (MHOJ) so I'm addicted rn! 

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