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This is me I'm not special but am unique

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Hey there everyone. First of hope you are having a great day. 

I am pretty chill dude I play games and watch anime so I guess I check the boxes to be a nerd of some sort right? Even if I am stuck in the middle of the country and I am surrounded by farms and country folk I am trying to make some new friends. 

For the games I play a little bit of everything but I really enjoy shooters and jrpgs. Destiny I feel has turned into wow for me cause I have played it for so long now. Persona 5 is still my favorite of all time but it dose have some close seconds.

For anime I watch a little bit of everything. A lot of shounen like one piece and dragon ball. And a little bit of everything else. If it was made in the last 10 years or so I have either seen it or heard of it but I like watching new things to. 

I hope you guys will treat me nice. I am introverted as hell so hoping to find some new friends on here without stressing out about it. Someone invite me to watch some anime sometime with you or your friends.

Anyways thats me if anyone wants to talk with me I got a discord or if I can figure out the messenger on here we can talk here. 

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Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here 😁

I lived in a rural area most of my life, even now more of a suburb where anime fandom isn’t real visible, so glad forums like this exist. I don’t do much gaming anymore, but watch way too much anime at once :P I’d recommend checking out Jujutsu Kaisen since you like shounen. Afraid I’m not much of a one on one conversationalist, more of a tendency to ramble, but hope you stick around :) 

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