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Dandelions and Roses do not Mix


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Dandelions and Roses do not mix

one draws blood the other licks, 

painful pleasure, toxic measure, 

thorns evoke the predator. 


Hunger grows and it shows, 

stifled blows, bloody nose, 

pollinate the ecstasy, 

but from up here its not hard to see.


Essence, aura, pheromone, 

touch it, smell it, like a drone,

listen with your senses dear,

maybe it will stop the fear.


Rain drops from on high, 

pity pouring from the sky, 

starving, starving you're not done,

drink it down till there's sun. 


Then snow, just snow, 

cold as the glow, biting as the blow, 

then wilting, lilting without the rain, 

just frozen visions of the same.


Petal by petal, gust by gust, 

this poor rose returns to dust,

and beneath the earth lies her grave, 

beside the dandelions gaze.


So pass the days, so pass the minutes, 

so pass the hours, so pass the years. 

Seconds upon seconds, infinity jeers.

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