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In the 25th until 30th december, do you have plans for?

Ukato Emina

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Hi everybody,

I want to share with a good and nice game, let's all of of us share our ideas so we all be happy and all can have different ideas for new event in the finale of this year. As we all know that a 2021 is a new year that we come after this months.

So in this a thread do you have plans for days between 25th December until 30th December. For me, it is my 21 in my life for this event so I want to do so much things that I will not forget but first by sharing and watching most of this series along with my love. 

We will do stupid things like , I will start and be happy start and begin with wearing a very lovely skirt new year dress such as in this picture:- 



Then sharing my happy for this event with my friends and lovely closely friends for sure:-


And like I said in the end, watching one of more of this anime series: -


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