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Fandoms of dead series

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When I first began watching anime, I had a rather limited access to streaming services and fan communities. That meant I watched DBZ, Code Geass, FMAB and Gurren Lagann long after
my friends had finished them and moved onto greener pastures. But what I liked most was that when I watched these, their fanbases had already passed their golden ages of fan content: The best fan theories/art/posthumous dissections stood out as ones that was worth paying attention to, even long after the popularity of the series had declined. As an example, I still return to Digi's K-On: a Loving Thesis whenever I watch K-On, as one of my favorite pieces of fan-made video in all of anime.

The culture of older shows remains relatively stable after they've lost their prominence, and I wonder if other people take comfort in that stability like I do. Let's talk about dead/dying fandoms! Feel free to share any of your own experiences, but here's some questions to get things started:

  • Have any of your recent favorites had a decline in its fanbase? What are your thoughts on that?
  • Have you ever got into older series after the excitement's gone? Were there pockets of still active fans, or do you wish you had been able to participate while it was still hyped?
  • If you do enjoy walking through the ghost towns of dead fandoms, what are some "lost gems" you've re-discovered?


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