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Bright Red Ink


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Title: Bright Red Ink


The devil's in the details, at least that's what she said, she wrote it all in bright red ink just to get it through my head,

signed it with her signature, a name I once held dear, threw it in my face in front of a courtroom for all to hear,

stung me like a bee when I'd been sweet as honey, then took my colony and with it all my money,

called it irony for all I'd said and done but when it comes down to it in hypocrisy her fortune's spun,

so to the sun bid I farewell and to the moon goodbye, for days and nights come but twice a week for this melancholy sigh,

I'll take the blame for the loss when those children on high cry, but you won't see me buckle, no, you won't see me break,

not when I remain under their melancholy eye, nor will she, the love of my life  or at least last month,

for it isn't fair for one to be all beauty without a little beast, yet I don't give up, not even when tempted with a lead feast,

though I don't get up, but two times a week, because it hurts too much to go outside, when whether day or night, its black as pitch hide. 

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