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A Re-Introduction.

L Lawliet

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I suppose I will introduce myself again - After all, I haven't been active for quite some time now.

Greetings to everyone on the Anime Forums. I...

...Am "L". In a sense, I "aspire" to be like L. If you think that's an obsession, a fantasy, or something unrealistic, that's fine - Honestly, I sort of believe that myself.

I enjoy spending my time watching YouTube or talking to people - Mainly people I don't know, so I can become friends with new people.

I can draw and I create music - I sometimes recreate popular music as well in Garageband. Such songs are, uh, Stan and Pumped Up Kicks.

I'm an aspiring manga artist or anime animator. I also aspire to be a manga/cafe store owner... I don't really know why.

Any questions you have, please, tell me. I would love to answer you.

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