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A Normal, Happy Boy

L Lawliet

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I am a boy.
A boy that likes to play.
A boy that like to sing and dance,
A boy that has some grand old days.

A different boy.
A boy that likes to write,
A boy that watches from afar,
A quiet boy that loves his life.

I like to think I'm normal.
A boy that can eat and drink,
A boy that likes sharp things,
A boy that sort of thinks.

But I know I'm not.
A boy that toys with strings,
A boy that can control things,
A boy that loves to sing.

But what's wrong with me?
A boy that cannot feel,
A boy that cannot "do no harm"...
A boy that cannot feel.

I can't feel anything.
Am I okay?
Am I alright?
Am I normal?

I'm normal.
I'm normal...
I am... normal.

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