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HI!! I'm just gonna be informal here. My username is Puffet and I'm a newbie here :)

as y'all can see I just joined like minutes ago. 

And like everybody else I love anime. I mean why join an anime forum if u didn't right? I've watched anime since I don't know when. My childhood actually just consist of watching anime with my father. I don't even play outside. AND just like back then, right now this girl does not have an outside life. Yes, I don't have social life. Even if there's no pandemic I will still remain in the safety of my room drooling on Bakugo. 

I'm a girl btw. Have I said that? Yes I'm a girl. FEMALE ANIME FANS EXIST YALL. IM EXISTING and no BL ain't my cup of tea. Doesn't mean I don't support it tho. I just prefer straight ships more than not straight ships. 

I am a shipper. I'm crazy sometimes. Don't tell me I didn't warned ya

I have a lot of favorite shows and currently I'm following on so many shows that I can't keep up. I'm currently obsessed with one piece and dr. Stone tho. Why? Science and swords. SCIENCE AND SWORDS. 

I am excited to meet as many people as I can in this forum. Please be easy with me ☺️



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Ya-ho-! Nice to meet you Puffet. Welcome to Anime Forums! 🙂

You're in the right place, you're right about that. I'm actually the one who got my mother and grandmother into anime films. Where I am, we are in a pandemic, but before that I still had as little of a social life as I have now. Miyamura-kun is the boy I'm drooling over.

I'm also a girl! At least, late time I checked. I'll shamelessly BL ship, but I do ship straight too.

Let's be crazy together!

I think my current watch list is managable, it's only at 7. My long-anime obbsession is Fairy Tail, my short current one is Horimiya, because wholesome romance. Oh, and So I'm a Spider, So What?. I don't even like spiders, BUT that's a mute point I can ignore because of the level up/skills system.

The more you post the more people you'll meet. 😊

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