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Can it offend you?

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On 3/29/2021 at 1:06 PM, Wedgy said:

How anyone chooses to characterise an anime is both inconsequential to my life and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. If you're someone who is very passionate about anime I just can't imagine a circumstance in which such a phase would at all change how you think, considering that particular sequence of words most likely came from someone who is only trying to bait a certain reaction from you.

What better way to respond than to roll your shoulders in a shrug and smile?

Well that's the thing! I will tell you what happened in detail, 

My friend is a new anime lover and his first watched anime was high school dxd (LOL) and I was giving him suggestion on new animes like it, our other friend came from behind and heard our discussion and just said "It's just some cartoon" and I corrected him "Japanese cartoon" when I turned to look at his expression (my new anime lover friend) I was laughing very much, the look that told me that he was wronged, I my again laughing imagining his face, he's a new guy in community but still more fanatic to anime than me and I respect it. 

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I personally wouldn't be offended. Everyone has stuff they're into. I have friends who absolutely love Big Bang Theory and sitcoms...but I personally am not a fan of most sitcoms. So...I guess I view it, we all have our own taste. I'd hate for them to be offended because I don't like sitcoms XD

But I will say, most of the people I've personally known who say they don't like anime have a very limited scope of what anime is. I've found with my friends who enjoy animation, if I find something that fits into a genre of shows they like, they'll usually end up liking it, and realizing that anime is not just Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z (not a slant to those shows, but a lot of my generation things that all anime is what they saw on toonami XD).

My partner used to say he didn't like anime. But his experience of anime was very...limited XD So I found some shows he'd probably like based on what anime he was willing to watch (Cowboy Bebop, Champloo...basically Watanabe shows XD). I find, usually if someone is judging an entire industry, it's because their experience with said industry is not very deep. Now he'll watch like Space Dandy, JoJo's, FMA, and Paprika, and other kinda strangely skewed animes XD I figured out his taste and what he likes in shows :3

Buuuuut that said, some people just don't like animation. And that's fine.

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I do, I have to admit. I don't really get offended by the phrase, no, because, to them, they have no other way to describe it. Anime isn't even a real world, we just adopted it as a community. I just get ticked off by the idea of "what do they get for saying that"? If I'm getting emotional about a series, or anything for that matter, there is literally no scenario where that is going to calm me down. It's the same as "it's just a boy/girl" when you're heartbroken. One doesn't get heartbroken by people in general. They are heartbroken sepecifcally of this one person. The "it's just <insert word>" is undermining our emotional investment as if it is stupid to even form an emotional connection in the first place!

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It's honestly their opinion while I can't say I don't get a little riled I have to remind myself that it is their opinion. As long as they don't sit there and constantly talk trash or belittle me for watching it I shrug it off.

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As much as I would love to introduce people to anime... Most people aren't that open minded to new things. The older you get, the more likely you stick to what you know.


I mean I watch a ton of niche anime and read random manga, but it takes a lot of effort to get me to do something else. Like I'm supposed to be a fan of The Office, some Korean dramas, and Rust/Rocket League/Marvel vs Capcom... but I just don't get that interested as much as my friends get.

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