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Yup, I got reincarnated as a God ( Past life ) Part 1

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Yup,This story is about me . The God who don't know about his own power. But in my past life I was human, I was having a simple common life like a ordinary person. I wake up in the morning have my cup noodles and then go to you work there also I have Cup noodles. Yup, I know what you all are thinking this man love too much Cup noodles but guys there are two reasons why eat Cup noodles. First reason is that I get low payment and another reason is that I am still single at the age of 25. I think my life sucks. 


But, Now is the day for the first time I'm going to break this single tagline from my head. Yes, friends I finally made girlfriend online and I'm going to meet her offline.


That girl just called me and said that she is just waiting for me accross a road near to by me. By listening to her voice first time I got excited. But I couldn't see anything clearly because I was not wearing glasses just to impress her by my handsome face 😆😅.

But when I was moving across the road I suddenly stopped because of revered whistling sound coming into my years and then I felt a cool Breeze of wind when I saw clearly down my pants were moved down from the west to my legs. Yes I forgot to wear belt 😓😓. That was my bad luck a truck kicked me away and I was slowly dying and thinking why I have to die like this way why I have to die single. Why why why ?????. 


Then slowly I felt that I was disappearing in to darkness but I saw their was a little brightness coming. Slowly slowly that brightness increased into big bright light and I saw ..................


To be continued 

What you think what will happen after that ..........

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