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╰┈➤ Violet Evergarden - What's Your Opinion?




 I can't help but notice the lack of discussion on the anime "Violet Evergarden"! Listen, this anime is so great and heartwarming (as well as breaking) that it kept me watching it! It only took me around days in total to watch the series [ + special ] and the movie altogether! In total, it was a really good and well made story. I have a lot to talk about with this collection!


╰┈➤ The Plot: [10/10]

I know that sometimes when people put "ten out of ten" they are usually exaggerating, but I honestly had no problems with the plot! The aventures and pains that Violet had to face had me grabbed completely and it was very understandable. The show took topics that are really personal for some really well and I respect it for that! I was able to keep up with the plot, and thats very important 
for me! Of course, I am not going to say anything that has happened, due to spoilers, but trust me on this; this anime's plot is amazing.


╰┈➤ The Characters and Their Development: [8/10]

Oh my gosh yessssss! Violet is queen, prove me wrong. Violet (along with other characters) show such amazing improvement in this anime. You can see her grow as a person, moving on from the past and looking forward to the distant future. Even the smaller characters show development! Of course, I prefer some characters over others, but they are all still really good! They have okay designs (not my style, but they still fit the era!) and have beautiful personalities.

╰┈➤ The Music [7/10]

The Music was so fitting of the situation, and were very beautiful! I wish there were more diversity though!


╰┈➤ The Art: [10/10]

The art is the first thing that grabs my attention in animes, and let me tell you, it sure kept me hooked. From the magnificent backgrounds to the facial expressions that the characters made, it was a work of art. I don't recall me ever thinking that something looked "off".


╰┈➤ Overall: [10/10] 

I loved this anime, and I hope you do too! Go ahead and leave a reply on your opinions on this anime as well!!


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Oh my this anime makes me cry a lot every episodes I think? Lol. I love violet she's also my comfort character. I don't how to put it in words all I have to say this was a masterpiece. If I were in shoes, I don't know what will I do because she has a strong mentality that I could not possibly have.

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