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Happy endings

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Just after anime’s with a happy ending where the characters get together , either going or getting married , 

mid anyone could add to my list I would greatly appreciate it thank you 

Final Approach 


Gift eternal rainbow

Please teacher 


bunny girl Senpai

mysterious girlfriend x


chivalry of a failed knight 

golden time

Snow White with red hair 

the world is still beautiful 


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It's fresh on our minds with the recent wrap up on the Fruits Basket reboot-- so, Fruba!! 

Yuri on Ice also has a happy ending.

Are you looking for strictly romance anime with this criteria?

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ReLife, though you have to watch the OVA episodes to get the happy ending.

For something that’s not romance I’d recommend Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Although


Edward’s “equivalent exchange” comment to Winry at the end is one of my favorite confessions/proposal’s in anime


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