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The finest pro heroes!
WARNING: If you have not kept up with MHA the series or manga, don't continue to read ahead. 

With the symbol of peace retired and still being so awesome, Endeavor takes the number one pro hero spot.
Endeavor has gotten lots of screen and manga time, we get a deeper look into his past and current struggles.
Endeavor also gives us a different perspective about his character. 
What are your thoughts on Endeavor from being number 2 to the number 1 pro hero Endeavor is now?


My thoughts: 
           When Endeavor use to be the number 2 hero, he came across as strong and stern. Endeavor also came across as the bad guy and horrible father. I didn't like him at all or care for him. To me, he was a dismissive character. When Endeavor took over the number 1 spot, it felt bittersweet to see All Might pass the baton. But the more I got to learn about Endeavor, the more I grew to enjoy his character. At times I found his character to be a goofy yet awkward person. Endeavor has shown growth and that he is very capable of being number one. Look at his system hero network! But the latest episode showed weakness and the feeling of impending doom upon the character. Now that Endeavor has grown on me, I feel MHA wants to teach us a hard lesson about heroes (so I think). The MHA team has done a phenomenal job with character growths and toying with the audience as well as its readers.  

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I find Endeavor to be a fascinating character, not because I like him necessarily, but because he has managed to be complex in a shounen anime that by all other appearances seems quite basic and typical. 

I love that the author used Enji as an example of what putting your heart and soul into your career even before your family or anything else can look like. What he did to his family was horrifying. His children were bred like show dogs and swept aside when they weren't born with the traits he was aiming for. It earned him animosity from every single one of them, especially from his first-born (won't discuss because anime isn't that far yet.)

It appears Endeavor is beginning to realise how he's the cause of a lot of the damage in his family, and that while being the best hero is an admirable goal, he must reconcile with his wife and kids for all they have sacrificed to upkeep his image.

It's reminiscent of pro athletes in real life who have their personal lives unearthed in the public eye and they aren't as shiny and healthy as their careers. In some cases, that public eye on their home life reaches up from the depths to sink their professional lives as well.

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Very well put! I agree about his journey to reconciliation and its consequences in the professional field. This season has shown us the difficulties of managing personal and professional life. As well as to find out who Endeavor wants to be to the people and family. 

Thank you for such an insightful post! 🥰

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