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Hello to everyone!


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My names Zyte, and Im an anime lover (coming from myanimeroll.com) , Favorite animes out there are, Akame Ga Kill, Fate stay night, Sword art online & Darlin in the franxx.

I could go on and on about anime of what i like and all but the list is never ending, but its nice to meet you all here! I wanted to know if there was a discord for this forum?


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Greetings! 👋😄

Great to see new people discovering this forum. 🙂

If you need anything or have any questions just let us know. The community is always around to help out. 

Looking forward to seeing you around in the topics! If you haven't yet, you can check out the Clubs here and join any that catch your interest. You'll also be able to create a Club of your own if you think the forum is missing something. 

Any upcoming anime that you're waiting for? 🌻

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