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anime that got you hooked


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Not entirely sure how to interpret the question. Star Blazers was the one that really opened my eyes to the potential for a “cartoon” to tell a coherent story about grown-up subject matters with actual character development. And it would eventually be the series that first made me aware that anime is actually produced in another country with different cultural & historical perspectives (the whole Argo/Yamato thing). Though that realization would come many years later.

2 hours ago, Ristic said:

anime culture ? 

As far as an introduction  to the quirky weirdness that characterizes otaku “culture”, probably Project A-ko as it was full of satire & parody. And it was one of the first uncut/unedited anime I watched.

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I saw a couple of episodes of 3X3 Eyes on TV back in 1996, then about a week later found the whole series on VHS in the local record shop. I followed 3x3 Eyes with Gal Force New Era, and that was it..... I've been buying and watching anime ever since.

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Sword Art Online. I watched the first season (completely oblivious of the existence of the next few seasons) and I just fell in love. I had a watched a few anime before it, but not many and SAO just instantly hooked me in. I loved the concept and just everything. In fact, I probably got too obsessed. I also got obsessed with Pokémon: Indigo League at the time, so these two anime were the only things I would talk about.

It was always Kirito this, Team Rocket that, and I think my friends just got SO sick of it. I have no idea how I didn't pick up on that at the time. But yeah, SAO basically consumed my life and tbh I'm grateful. If I hadn't gotten into SAO, I mightn't have gotten into anima at all!

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The two shows I blame for getting me into anime are Evangelion and Fruitsbasket. With those two shows and most shows I watch, I would go on YouTube and find reviews for them to see what others think, and got into anime culture that way.


Fruitsbasket especially though, the ending left an amazing impression on me and made me want to find more good shows.

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