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You know you're in the future when...


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An electrical/automotive engineering guy by the name of Charles Kettering once said, "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there."  What's it going to be like?  Flying cars?  Mars colonies?  Directed-energy weapons for the military?  (Or Fedex, see below.)  I thought I'd create a topic for news and chat about the future.  Whether you're thinking it'll be dystopic or boring or utopic or whatever, share your thoughts.  Just one rule: keep it real.  Mild speculation is ok but talk about actual events or scientific/engineering know-how is preferred.

I'll start things off with this news item..

Fedex is asking the US Federal Aviation Administration for permission to install anti-missile lasers on their airplanes.
How'd you like to be the guy at the FAA who opened the envelope containing that request?  "Um.. Boss, how do we handle this one?"  :D
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This is a simple one, but how we went from Automobiles being a RARE thing to own, to now having Teslas that SELF DRIVE. Considering this, we went from simple to -- where do I begin?
Cars nowadays are so advanced, they have their own COMPUTERS inside. Which is not surprising. Another thing...is when the self-driving cars can look around their surroundings and tell you when to stop, or make their own stop, it's amazing. Cars being able to detect the outside world now, is really more advanced than we think...considering how we went from this in only 129 years. Which might seem long, but from the Industrialization period to now, it's really not. 


That's my little take on this :) 

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