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So, for Christmas, I got a set of bento boxes. I've wanted them for a long time, and now, I want to know how to use them right.

As the pic shows, these bento have a triple stack design. The top has a clear lid and I'm guessing that's a divider in there (is it?), the middle section is open and the bottom has its own solid lid.

So how exactly do I use these? Is there a rule as to what types of food go in which compartments (including the divider)? Can the food stay sitting out and for how long, or are you allowed to refrigerate and microwave with it?

Any help and education is appreciated.


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On 1/16/2022 at 10:36 PM, Mari Charlotte said:

As far I know. For egg rolls, rice, cherry and extra croquettes,  u need to use chopsticks. That what I know.

See, that's what I was thinking at first, because that's what you always see anytime someone breaks out a bento in the movies. But I don't want to be ignorant about it like that if doesn't have to be exactly like that. Same that I don't want to treat it like another old lunchbox and put nothing but PB&J's in it.

I know I'm probably weirdly overthinking the whole thing, but I at least want to feel in some way that I'm using these "right".

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well to me the fork and spoon look duel purpose

the other end of both look like chopsticks

simple design suits both setups

i would say the large one would be for your salad or rice/rice dishes

and the smaller being for the likes of egg rolls, cherry and extra croquettes and the rest of this type of stuffs

while the top would be for your utensils , spoon/fork/chopsticks so they arnt covered in food by the time your ready to eat

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Big meal stuffs in the bottom part, extra solids in the middle, got it. So nothing goes in the top part? Also, what about that divider?

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https://littlelunchboxco.com.au/collections/bento-dividers at the bottom


While our dividers don’t create another leak-proof seal, they are great at separating dry snacks, leaving the other leak-proof compartments free for wet ingredients, such as yoghurt. Made from silicone and 100% BPA free, our easy clean bento dividers instantly change up your lunch box



These Bento Dividers are the perfect way to separate dry foods within the leakproof compartments of your Bento Box!


some ideas for you as well






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