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Family Feud - Survey time!

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Hey, guys, been a while, I gotta come around here more.

I can really use everyone's help. Our Puchi Con convention is going off in 2 weeks up at Camelback in the Poconos, and we are running a Celebrity Family Feud game with our voice actor guests. Please come and join us if you're in the area, but for right now, we need 100 people surveyed and we need 'em fast! So if you can help us with these surveys, you would be so awesome!

And remember, if you don't know something, CHEAT! Like anyone's gonna know you looked up something to answer one of these. 😛

Thanks in advance, and spread the word to anyone who can help. I promise we'll record the show so that you can see how it all went down.

Family Feud (google.com)

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