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Random video game trivia


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I just thought this might be a fun topic. Do you know any interesting/fun game trivia? Wither it be something behind the scenes, or an in game secret some might not know about.

(Yesterday I found a secret area in a game I've played a million times. Feel equal parts excited to find something new, and lame for not finding it before...)

My random Trivia to start things off is:

The Ratchet and Clank series, in the early days were known for suggestive game subtitles, IE "Going Commando", "Up Your Aresonal" and "Size Matters"

In 2009, "A Crack In Time" came out, one of the best games of the series. (Still haven't played the new one, playing through the old ones first.)

But apparently insomniac had a different title in mind, but Sony said NO WAY. Since a giant clock was involved in the game, they wanted to call it:

Clock Blockers.

Sony said absolutely not, and now we have A Crack In Time.

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The namesake of Sylvester Stallone's famous film "Cliffhanger" is actually derived from the actor's experiences playing the arcade cabinets of the same name. In a similar vein to "Dragon's Lair", Cliffhanger the game was like an interactive animated movie that used footage from the classic anime franchise, "Lupin the Third."


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