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Anime You've Re-watched or Plan On Doing So


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3 hours ago, bekjam said:

I never watch anime twice,

I'm just the opposite. I regularly watch an anime series more than once, I often find that I enjoy the series more 2nd or 3rd time round because I'm not so focused on following the story so I tend to notice all the little details in the background that I missed on my first viewing. Also I often find that knowing the way the story unfolds makes the interaction between the characters more interesting.

Also, with the price of DVDs & Blue-rays I'm certainly not going to spend money on something to only watch it once. 🙂

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Usually rewatch alot of the 90s and 00s anime because of genuinely best anime years in my personal opinion, to the animation and to the storylines always been captivating. But then again I did grow up on those shows, regardless still dang good. 


Started rewatching Cowboy Bebop and Trigun again. One of the personal favorites. In general though out of all the anime I've seen I've rewatched about 100 or more or so. Depends on the mood. 

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