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List Anime English Dubs you think were worth watching.


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I prefer English subbed and original voice language anime. But there are rarely quite a few anime that were done great in English dubbing.

Whichever you prefer. List which animes really sounded great in English.

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Back in late 1996 when I discovered anime and started watching it it was only available on VHS tapes and even if there was a subtitled version the local record shops only sold the dubbed version and some of those early VHS dubs were quite good. However, as I descended the slippery slope into anime fandom I found that some series were only available subtitled and I also acquired some subtitled versions of series I had dubbed versions of and I quickly noticed that in several cases the dub dialogue and subtitles of the subbed versions were not the same to the point where for a couple of series the dub had a different ending.
Then in the early 2000's DVD's appeared on the scene with both dub and sub on the same disk and ever since then I've grown to appreciate the original Japanese voice actors and now only watch subs.

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I've only really watched anime dubbed, and I bet some of my picks might get a few people a hollering, but I liked all these anime in terms of the voice acting and some have some overlapping voice actors which is cool to see (or hear). 

Fate (all of them especially Zero, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven Feel)
Psycho Pass
Ergo Proxy
Wolfs Rain
Madoka Magica
Hunter x Hunter
Yu Yu Hakusho
Spy x Family
Code Geass
Made In Abyss
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue Thesis 
Gurren Lagann 
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Most of the time I prefer dub, though there are some exceptions (cough cough, Komi Can't Communicate.)

-Violet Evergarden. The voice acting is just amazing! Erika Harlacher did an amazing job voicing Violet. The whole show is a masterpiece, really.

-Neon Genesis Evangelion is just 👌👌

-Kotaro Lives Alone. This is one of my favourite anime ever, so I'm probably biased but I love the way Cherami Leigh voiced Kotaro (I also find it pretty funny that Kotaro, Michiru Kagemori, Iris Cannary and Asuna Yuuki all have the same English voice actor lol)


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