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Hi all!

Asakura Momo

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I used to be on this forum many years ago, but I deleted the emails I had three of them due to much spam and someone knew my password too, which was dangerous

I am from Australia, born and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory


I like metal, rnb and hip-hop music.

favourite anime currently is Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.


Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome 😁 Hope you find things to interest you here.

👍 Azumanga Daioh as one of your favorites, one of mine too. Favorite character is probably Sakaki, but Yukari & Osaka are up there too. Couldn’t get into Spice x Wolf, but that was a long time ago & I know my tastes have changed, so might give it another look someday. Actually seem to remember reading it was getting a reboot/remake recently. Excel Saga was hit or miss for me like most parody series (Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department, Akiba Maid War & Zombieland Saga are a couple of the better recent ones IMO).

Anyway, hope you decide to stick around

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