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Not necessarily Guitar Hero but I've been playing Clone Hero on PC. Your able to download custom songs. My favorite song to play is The Rumbling from the Attack on Titan Intro. You can use your USB controller guitar, drums and mic to play certain songs. Not all custom songs use the specific controller use, so know that some songs may not work with your input. I'm still new here so I'm not sure about posting links, but I suggest looking Clone Hero up if you want a better Guitar Hero experience. Nie:wen! (Thank-you! In Mohawk.) 

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Thank you so much for telling me! Back in the day me and sibling used to play it a lot! And then I picked it back up in 2021. I love guitar hero!

Thank you again, I will make sure to try out clone hero on my pc!

If you want we can become friends on the psn, I'm Playmaker10708 and check out my channel on YT: Icemanterminator.


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