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CYMB is the best cost-effective cosplay brand, focusing on research and development of cosplay clothing and production.

We began to struggle when we had nothing in 2013. So far, we have achieved the top three sales in the mainland market, expanding to more than 200 professional production plants; CYMB Studio, which stands in Wuhan, also has a mature work management system. Its subordinate departments include the Operation Department, the Design and Research Department, the Customer Service Department, the Vision Department and other professional departments. Over the years, we have come in contact with more partners on the way of hard work. In the fierce market competition in the mainland, the next step is to come to you and bring you the most satisfactory products.

Our story originated in 2013 and has been around for 10 years. At that time, the cosplay industry was in full swing, and we all called ourselves lovers in a small circle. By chance, we helped these lovers to make satisfactory clothes based on their families. We were highly praised by the fans, and the brand CYMB was born in June that year.

In 2014, we carried out derivative development of animation products. At that time, the pressure of the first sales volume greatly impacted our family workshops. So we went back to war, borrowed others' factories to produce a large number of clothes, and then reduced the cost and gave profits to customers. When the same problem appeared again in August of that year, we responded quickly and formulated countermeasures. So CYMB's production plant officially opened on September 15 of that year. At this time, we have only one cutter and three elder brothers.

At that time, the Miguel we produced was our first attempt to use all-metal accessories, which was a big step forward in our technology. The series of "The Ending Incandescent Angel" did not meet expectations and became our pillar. It accounted for 90% of the sales of the entire store. However, one day the platform suddenly informed us that there was a problem with "The Ending Incandescent Angel" and was forced to go off the shelf. At this time, we had no sales for two months and had been losing money. At this time, we realized that it would not last long to rely on only one product, so we immediately turned our grief and indignation into power and quickly developed more styles. It can be said that "The Incandescent Angel of the End" bears the turning point of our development and is our most significant set.

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