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What was I thinking?


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7 hours ago, Clayton said:

have you ever read something you wrote a while back and wondered what you were thinking when you wrote it?

Oh yes!

After I left school I was having a turn out of school related rubbish stuff and I found an old exercise book from my time in junior school, when I read some of it I wondered why, and how, I have the nerve to write such cringe-worthy rubbish in a school book for my teacher to read. 😱 I comprehensively destroyed the document so that nobody else could find it and use it against me. 😨

I'm really glad there was no such thing as the Internet and forums when I was younger. 🙂

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Books I wrote in my youth. Stellar, mindblowingly good, but a young take on things. Still, I smile at what I accomplished. All in all, it was refreshing and undeniably fun!

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On 4/26/2023 at 5:31 PM, Clayton said:

Fan fiction I wrote decades ago,,, some of which people still love


Books i published and then find mistakes with... 

@ClaytonCongrats on all your published works!

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