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Pink hair = Insanity


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Okay so anime character personalities and hair color are linked. Dark blue and green, smart, though green i usually sneaky.


red and purple: sexy and horny


Blond: ditz


Light blue: fun and mildly evil


White and gray: will eventually try to murder/betray somebody and possible their "friends"


But the pink haired girls... they're just like the blonds, but eventually they eventually snap and go crazy (depending on how long the series goes) and like the white haired guys will try to murder their friends at some point. The only diffe4rence is the pink girls USUALLY apologize for it. 


So who is your favorite mentally unstable pink haired character?

Examples of anime with crazy pink haired characters:


Future Diary


Danga ropa

School Live

Elfen Lied

Code Geass

SouL Eater

Zero Two

Eureaka Seven

Sailor Moon

One Piece




Rosario Vampire

Gravity Falls


Queen's Blade












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Momo (The Executioner & Her Way of Life) spacer.png 


Doctor (Akudama Drive) spacer.png


Milim (Reincarnated as a Slime)


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Hitori Gotou (Bocchi the Rock)


“I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell” - Matchbox 20

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I think you missed..


But then there's Liz..


Guess she's the exception that proves the rule.


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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, efaardvark said:


But then there's Liz..


Guess she's the exception that proves the rule.



No, because that's her avatar. The real her has brown hair. 




Yugi oh the other hand... 



And the girl pilot with the devil horns reminds me of the one from Eureaka 7 Anemone






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21 minutes ago, Clayton said:

No, because that's her avatar.

The players avatars were supposed to have been changed by the mirrors be the same as their real-life appearance.  (Just one of many inconsistencies in that series.)

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Belle too. But she's not nuts ether. 


I should have written "Natural Pink hair". Dye jobs and costumes don't count. Not that those pink haired girls can't go nuts too. Any anime character can snap. Just naturally pink hair tends to imply it's most likely the character will betray a friend and then apologize for it. The white haired guys will betray you too, but they're not usually sorry about t. 


School Live is an excellent example




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Gotta love Junko Enoshima!

She literally took over the entire world with her twin sister.



I'm pretty sure she's canonically blonde, but close enough 😭

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