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2 hours ago, Clayton said:

Who died the best in anime? Even if it wasn't permanent. But which death really made you feel something?

For me it has to be the death of Nagisa Okazaki (nee Furukawa) in Clannad After Story. I've seen that episode several times, but I still have a wet handkerchief every time I watch it.


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I've said before that I'm not big on "best" or "favorites" so here's my list...

Nagisa - and then Ushio! - in Clannad of course.

I'd also nominate Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies.

Also Otonashi in Angel Beats.  I mean, they all get killed - many, many times - but when he dies for real before entering the Angel Beats world.  And then again when they all "graduate".

Gotta at least mention Kaori from Your Lie In April and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop as well.

And finally since it said "best" and not saddest I have to point out that Clementine's death in Overlord was pretty satisfying.

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there are so many, but have to choose i would say,

Itachi death from Naruto

Jiraiya death from Naruto

Erwin death from AOT

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