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Of Clumsy Heroes and Snooty Villains - OC/Canon art


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Heeeheh~ I was kinda too nervous to post here, but! I tried cell-shading some chibis and it turned out ok, so why not? Brunette is my beloved OC Shizumoto Kaede and the white-haired bob-cut fellow an equally beloved canon villain from season 1 of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, Kusatsu Kinshiro. I am a shameless OC insert kind of person and Kaede is one of my absolute favorites. Having someone so clumsy that she's basically a walking hazard as a hero is just 👌👌👌 In short, she's my baby lol. You'll probably be seeing more of her here in the future~


Please, if possible keep criticism to yourself; I'm happy with this the way it is and can't make changes to it now anyway. 


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20 hours ago, Animedragon said:

These look great.

Thank you ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙

10 hours ago, Digimon_Sommelier said:

I love this!!

Thanks! (*^ワ^*)I'm glad to hear it

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