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What makes a Shounen 10 / 10?


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I've seen a lot of strong opinions about many Shounen titles, but everyone seems to have an opinion based on different criteria and expectations of what makes a Shounen great. 

Is it fair to base all Shounen Anime / Manga expectations on a few popular titles even if the stories and overall vibes are vastly different in many ways? 

Or is it like the Isekai genre where repetition is expected with slight variances?


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I’m generally not a fan of the shounen genre. Of the “Big Three”, the only one I had any fondness for was One Piece & I still burned out on it after about 150 episodes. There are some popular titles I still enjoy (My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen) but it would be rare for me rate a shounen title as a 10 (does Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood count?) Some of the ones I really enjoyed that don’t get mentioned as often are Soul Eater, Buso Renkin and Ushio & Tora. I think probably the biggest trait of shounen that ruins things for me is that they tend to drag on too long.

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