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what defines anime?


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19 hours ago, KaiyaSaysHaiya said:

I was wondering, what do you think defines think defines an anime? When does does it go from a typical cartoon to an anime? I'm not actually sure so I'm curious to see what you guys say!


For me what defines an anime and separates it from being a cartoon is the quality of the background artwork along with characters that are well designed, drawn and animated to look and act like real people. Yes, I know real people don't have really large eyes, but that's part of the anime visual style and it's often the detail in the eyes which bring a character to life.
For me the other aspect that separates anime from cartoons is the storylines, anime always seems to me to have more serious and thoughtful stories that cartoons.
Someone once said that cartoons are story driven and the story dictates how the characters act, while anime is more character driven and the actions of the characters directs the flow of the story.

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For me it's the artwork. Anime style seems to be different than cartoons. For me when I think about cartoons I think about Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry, something like that 🤣 When I think about anime I think about things like Naruto, SAO, FMA, with that specific artwork style. 

Also like @Animedragon said too it's the storyline. Anime seems to have an actual storyline with things progressing with each episode like a normal T.V show would, and when I think about cartoons I think about something that doesn't really have a storyline that goes from episode to episode.

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In my opinion it's usually the subject matter. Different tropes we see in anime compared to regular cartoons. Depending on the anime of course. Interesting fact is it used to be called Japanimation, so I think  @ReverzerO has a point. If it doesn't come from Japan, 9 times out of 10 it won't be anime. It might even be 10 times out of 10 quite frankly.

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