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7 hours ago, Kit said:

Lowkey hate the theater. Too many people talk at them or bring a screaming kid. Worse when the person next to you keeps ordering food and crunches through the movie. 

I had all that last time I went to the cinema, plus a side order of a rug-rat kicking the back of my seat.

Haven't been to the cinema since, and anyway the only surviving local cinema has no car park and is an unhandy distance from the public transport links which aren't good in the evenings. My town's local cinema was demolished decades ago, shame really because it was a nice looking building.

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Well that's interesting... I started to reply to this the other day, and after typing MOST OF IT, like all but the last question, I accidentally closed the page -_-. But I tried to come back and nothing happened. Now a day or two later, I go to try again and my old reply pops up? Weird. Oh well, at least I don't have to type all that again... *Answeres last question*

How often do you go to the Cinema?

When I was younger I went a lot more. I have Aspurgers and I kind of obsess over movies. But, in the last decade or so I haven't been as interested in watching newer movies - not that there aren't good ones here and there that I go see, but in general. Now the last time I went to see a movie in theaters was for My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission last fall, and before that... ... ... ... Actually, I think before that was the second My Hero Academia movie in early 2020. (I think I only went once in 2019, for the Beatles movie, 'Yesterday'.)

Typical pricing to see a movie?

I usually go out of town, and I think now its around $8. (At least it was last fall.)

Do you usually buy food and drink from the Candy Bar?

Sometimes. It depends. I'm not poor-poor but, don't have a ton of money and it's pretty expensive. Just depends on where it is in the month and stuff.

Ever experienced a disruption? (e.g. fire alarm, technical fault)

My mom ran a movie theater for just 2 months short of 3 years when I was a kid, and so I just watched movies constantly. In that, I've seen many things: In early 1996 we got The Birdcage, and- on the film, the sound was on the side of the film, and apparently this was a different kind of 'soundtrack' that the projector couldn't handle. So the first time they tried to play it, there was a loud buzzing, and we had to stop it. (People were pissed... the film was already really late getting delivered and the 4 and 7 shows had already been cancelled... people were really pissed.) Luckily we found out that another projector could play it, so we moved theaters and were able to play it the next day.

I've seen things happen like the film stop moving and it burned through the film, and lots of other crazy things.

In 1998 we got The Wedding Singer, and... the film would be delivered in reels, like 20 mins of film, and we would have to splice them together. (If you remember back in the day the dots in the corner, that's why.) And my mom didn't put one in the middle together right and it was way too big of a hassle to take half the movie back apart, so I HAD to watch the movie every showing. (Which I was heartbroken about... not XD.) to let them know when the change was coming, because if I didn't, the bottom was on the top and the top was on the bottom (half and half) but they had a knob that could adjust it.

Your most favorite movie at the Cinema?

That's hard, with my mom working at the movie theater those years there are lots of fun movies and fun memories, and many I probibly wouldn't have watched without my mom working there. ... But I think I'm going to go with Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery, because I loved that movie and was obsessed with it, and one night me and my mom watched it again by ourselves after the theater closed!

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