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Hi πŸ‘‹ a wave from Scotland to fellow AKIRA fans


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ive recently gotten back into anime, after being primarily involved in music as a hobby. I used to buy MANGA MANIA magazine regularly and everything released on VHS πŸ“Ό by MANGA VIDEO.

AKIRA is, and will always be, my favourite (as well as CYBERCITYOEDO808).Β 
I have recently discovered both my old VHS collection and some original AKIRA animation cels that I am looking to sell to any like-minded fans, rather than just flogging them on eBay for the sake of profit.

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Welcome to the Insanity! Enjoy your time here, just watch out for *ducks flying Mi-go*. Dammit! Who keeps opening THAT door?? *chases after the escapee while yelling* Anyways, welcome!

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