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Whats your hobby?


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I love to go Geocaching. It's treasure hunting using GPS to help find things others have hidden for everyone to seek out. For the experience. To discover new places you didn't know existed. I've been a casual geocacher since 2011 and it is very much fun. Best part...it's free to do this exciting hobby!


...btw if you are interested, check out www.geocaching.com. 

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I have two hobbies that rather neatly overlap each other so quite often I can pursue both at the same time.

One is railways, any railways. While I much prefer steam locomotives I'm not against modern traction, I'm as happy standing on a mainline station just watching the modern trains go by as I am visiting a heritage steam railway. My interest in railways goes beyond real railways and I have a decent size model railway which is based on a Welsh slate line. Like all model railways it's a work in progress and keeps me happily occupied when I can't get out to see the real thing.

The other hobby is photography, stills and video. I'll photograph and video most things, steam trains being my favourite subject But I also like military aircraft, tanks, historic monuments, prehistoric sites, churches, castles etc.
In fact when I go away on holiday I take almost as much photographic gear, plus a laptop so I can check each days haul of photos, as I do clothes.

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I have a load of hobbies tbh to name a few

Sports like Basketball and Bouldering are my main two


Geology and any form of physical geography (I love rocks and anything to do with landscapes)

Music (from listening to playing) 


And probably so much more that I don't even realise are hobbies since they've just morphed into my personality 😂

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Game shows. It's always been about watching and enjoying game shows. Today I'm especially into it, as today marks the 40th anniversary of my all time favorite, Press Your Luck.

I have a couple other small pursuits, but game shows have always been at the forefront.

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