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Need help. the entire usa vs europe story


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Hey people,..i need advice. I remember the dvd scene being usa and  europe. Correct me but was this fat vs ntfs? I am tryin to provide an american friend with a dvd and i was surprised. Is this still this shit? My questoion and please help. If i buy a blurau in europe,..will it play?

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Blu-ray Disc™ media have region codes written in letters to indicate a particular zone or region where you can play the discs. Check the following region codes below :

  • Region A: North America, South America, U.S. Territories, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia
  • Region B: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Region C : Asia (except for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia)
  • Region ABC : Classified as region-free as it applies to countries listed in Regions A, B, and C.

The region code for Blu-ray Discs is on the disc or located at the back of the disc case. (here is the label from my latest purchase)


  • Some region-free discs may have no codes written on the disc or disc cover.
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs are region-free and can play on devices that supports Ultra HD Blu-ray, regardless of the region where they were purchased.
  • The Blu-ray Disc device or Blu-ray optical drive can play Blu-ray Discs purchased in the same region. This means that a computer or a Blu-ray Disc player purchased in countries listed in Region A can only play Blu-ray Disc that are recorded in Region A, in exception to Region-Free discs and players.
    • This applies to computers or Blu-ray Disc players purchased in other regions, unless otherwise specified in the player or in the computer's documentation. Check your device manual.
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Region coding only works in the minds of the producing studio's board members. In the real world it's irrelevant, multi-region or region free DVD and Blu-ray players are fairly easy to obtain. For computers there's that well known free media player VLC which can play any media format and has an option that allows you to change the region code of the drive you're using. I know it works for region 1 & 2 DVDs, but I've not actually tried it with Blu-ray disks because I don't have any region A disks but I've no reason to think that it wouldn't work.

To use VLC to play Blu-ray disks you need to add a couple of files, but they're freely available and easy to instal.

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